Away from Om: Tales from the Road

I thought last week was strange. Until this week hit me square in the face.

I’ve moved many times: to new states, new cities, new towns. It’s been said that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. In fact, it’s right up there with getting divorced, having a baby or any other major life change. Nonetheless, for years I was a chronic “mover”. I think I actually thrived on the excitement and stress of changing my scenery every year or two. Maybe that’s why this upcoming move feels so very different on every level. I’ve been in Sharon, in this same house, for nine years now.  Ironically, the only other time I’ve lived anywhere longer than this was ALSO in Sharon, Ma. — the house I grew up in, where I lived for 11 years.

For the first time in memory, I actually feel…

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Away from Om: Tales from the Road

This has been a strange week.

I could leave it at that but I figured some explanation might be nice.

I spent the first part of the week (April school vacation for those of you in Massachusetts) running around with Noah, doing last-minute errands. And then the packing began……His room looked like a tornado hit it: piles of clothing were everywhere, along with school books, shoes, and miscellaneous items. It was my way of making order out of disorder. I had to-do lists scattered in different places, among them in my head. Here’s how my train of thinking worked: I would remember something we needed to do and, lest I forget, I would run out to do it. One day I went out to pick up things I might otherwise forget.  I got back to the house and went up to Noah’s room to work on my massive organization project. While up…

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Hi Everyone!
I am reposting this first blog from my other new blog: Accidental Stage Mom will morph into my tales on the road with the touring Broadway show, along with Noah’s eventual performance schedule. To tune into my yoga tales Away from Om, you can follow me at Happy reading!

Away from Om: Tales from the Road

One day you are living your regular life. For me this was a mixture of carting my kids around to various lessons, teaching yoga classes, running the day-to-day operations of Breathe Joy Yoga, possibly having to figure out dinner, going to sleep and starting the cycle all over again. Granted, there were days when there were more things thrown into the mix, such as doctor’s appointments, a trip to Whole Foods or OfficeMax or maybe a minor crisis or two to deal with at the studio or on the home front. Life was busy and most of us can relate to this.

I thought I knew what busy felt like…until someone picked up my life and shook it. I call this the Snow Globe syndrome. Suddenly I didn’t know when I would touch ground again or where I would land. And, no matter how hard I tried to dig my…

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